I was in New York City on March 7th and 8th attending Google's AMPConf on behalf of Alaska Dispatch News. It was two full days of talks and I'm now full of ideas on how to improve our mobile experience going forward.

AMP Conf Badge

AMP Conf Schedule

New York City Skyline

Google provided a free coffee bar and food for attendees.


Catering Food

Lots of information was shared from news publishers, e-commerce giants, and design companies. There were also lots of talks regarding the distribution of AMP and what to expect in the future.

During the event Google announced that Yahoo Japan, Sogu and Baido will be supporting AMP, meaning that collectively a billion new users will be able to view AMP documents.


Natalia from The

eBay Speaker


There were also plenty of talks regarding monetization with AMP, including the discussion of AMP4ADS. The AMP4ADS initiative aims to provide a faster and better ad experience while subscribing to the same principles of AMP. Something I'm personally very excited for.


The conference ended with a talk about how to contribute to the AMP project, and a series of three workshops. I participated in the AMP -> PWA one, and learned how to transition a user from an AMP site to your Progressive Web App using the amp-install-serviceworker component.

Below you'll find a group photo Google took of all organizers and attendees of the 2017 AMPConf.

Group Photo by Google


Overall I had a great time and look forward to putting the knowledge I earned to use.

On an unrelated note I also got an opportunity to visit Other Half Brewing in Brooklyn while I was in New York and help brew a beer, which was incredibly cool.

Other Half Brewery

Nummy Nug Nug by Other Half