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I'm a Full-Stack Software Engineer from London living in Washington D.C, with a profound interest in programming and design. I've worked in a variety of different industries, from digital media publishing, to video games, telecoms and financial technology. I always enjoy a good challenge while bringing a project to life and love experimenting with new technologies.

I've worked with a number of frameworks and tools such as React, React Native, Redux, Angular, NodeJS, TypeScript, Python, AWS, Serverless, Service Workers, Photoshop, Sketch and more. I'm always expanding my knowledge base while keeping up with industry best practices. If you'd like to hear about what I'm learning or working on right now you can check out my developer blog.

When I'm not working I enjoy running. My last run was 4.72 miles and my longest is a marathon.


I've worked and collaborated with a number of companies and individuals in my career; such as Blizzard Entertainment, Capital One, The Washington Post, LA Times, MLB, Valve Software and more. You can find my resume here.

Open Source

In my spare time I enjoy making contributions to open source. I've also created a few projects of my own which you can view below or by going to my GitHub profile.

GitHub Pages Deploy Action

GitHub Action which deploys a project to GitHub Pages. It can be configured to upload your production-ready code into any repository branch you'd like.

Fetch API Data Action

Originally created for the 2020 GitHub Actions hackathon. This GitHub Action will fetch authenticated API data and download it into your workspace as a json file.


I've made several videos over the years from tutorials, demonstrations and talks. You can check out a selection of them in the following playlist.


Are you interested in collaborating on a project or just have a general question? If so, please get in touch using the contact form below. Alternatively you can email me directly.