I'm a Full-Stack Engineer hailing from London with a profound interest in all things Software. I've worked in a variety of different industries, from digital media publishing, to video games, telecoms and financial technology. I always enjoy a good challenge while bringing a project to life, and always love the idea of trying something new.

I've worked with a number of frameworks and tools such as React/Redux, NodeJS, Python, Serverless, Service Workers, Google AMP and more. I'm always expanding my knowledge base while keeping up with industry best practices. If you'd like to hear about what I'm learning or working on right now you can check out my developer blog.

Who I've Worked With

I've worked and collaborated with a number of companies in my career; below you'll find a selection of them.

Capital One
United Income
The Washington Post
The Lily
LA Times
New York Daily News
Chicago Tribune
Le Parisien
The Boston Globe
Major League Baseball
Valve Software
Alaska Dispatch News
Digitally Imported
Team Secret
RedMoon Workshop
Bear Tooth Theatre
Alaska Communications

Engineering Blog & Contributions 🍕

If you're interested in what I'm learning or working on lately you can check out my developer blog. Additionally you can check out my open source contributions on GitHub and StackOverflow.

Get In Touch 🥐

Are you interested in collaborating on a project or just have a general question? If so, please get in touch using the contact form below. If you're having problems with the form you can email me directly.