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Some memorable moments so far.

  1. 💼
    Started working for Blizzard Entertainment on
  2. 🎉
    Completed my first marathon in 5 hours and 52 minutes
  3. 🚀
    Launched "GitHub Pages Deploy" on GitHub
  4. 💼
    Started working for financial technology startup, United Income
    United Income fully aquired by Capital One in 2020
  5. 💼
    Started working for The Washington Post on the Arc Publishing platform
    Launched new Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News and BChicago Tribuune sites
    Worked with Le Parisien Major League Baseball and numerous other publications
  6. 💼
    Started working for Anchorage Daily News in Alaska
  7. 🤝
    Collaborated with Valve on documentation and content for Steam
    Beta tested the prototype Steam Machine and Controller
  8. 💼
    Started working for Alaska Communications in Anchorage

Fun Facts

Just some random fun facts about me.


The worlds most pointless dashboard!