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If you'd like to take a look at my resume you can do so by clicking here. Alternatively you can view an abridged version below with some of my career highlights.

If you'd like to get in touch with me you can use the contact form on the homepage or you can send me an email directly.


Built my first website with my Dad called Tooncrazy in Microsoft Frontpage. The website served as a cartoon fansite, and eventually provided Cartoon Orbit codes to other collectors in the year 2000. I miss you Dad.

Screenshot of Tooncrazy

2010 - 2015

I started working as a Support Engineer for Alaska Communications in Anchorage, Alaska in 2010.

I spent a lot of my time providing technical support to customers, while also working with management to create software to improve the teams overall efficiency.

Me at ACS


I decided it was time to take things a little bit more seriously and started getting up to speed with modern best practices by taking some online courses with Udacity.


I collaborated with Valve Software on a number of documentation pieces for their Steam platform. I was also contracted to do some Front-End work for Dota2's "The International" gaming tournament event.

Valve also chose me to beta test their Steam Machine and Controller hardware, and accepted several in-game items I contributed to for their games Counter-Strike and Dota2.

Me at Valve HQ

2015 - 2017

In 2015 I began working for Anchorage Daily News (formerly Alaska Dispatch News) as a their Lead Front-End developer with the mission of migrating their website away from Drupal and overhauling their front-end. The new was launched in mid 2016.

During my time at ADN I also worked on a number of one-off pages, such as a blog for when President Barack Obama visited the state of Alaska.

Whiteboard from ADN


WeLoveFine, a pop culture merchandise company in California, contracted me to build a number of special event pages for some competitions they were holding.


I worked with RedMoon Workshop, an indie game studio in Austin, Texas to create a brand new company website. I also created a number of content reveal pages and tools to aid with the creation of their upcoming titles.

2017 - 2018

I started working for The Washington Post on the Arc Publishing team in 2017 as a Senior/Lead engineer. During my time at The Washington Post I worked for a number of high profile clients such as the LA Times, Boston Globe, New York Daily News, MLB, Le Parisien, and many more.

I also authored an open source library called ArcAds with the aim of simplifying advertisement integrations on news websites.

Washington Post elevator


Created a website for Team Secret, a popular eSports team based in Europe. Team Secret is most known for their Dota2 team.

2018 - 2019

In 2018 I started working for United Income. United Income was a financial investment technology startup in Washington D.C with about 20 employees at the time that I joined.

The United Income offices had a Nitro Coldbrew keggerator which basically changed my life.

Me at United Income

2019 - 2020

In July of 2019 United Income lived the startup dream and made a successful exit when it was fully aquired by Capital One.

During my time on the United Income team at Capital One I worked on new features for the platform and essential improvements, including the rebrand to the Capital One Gravity design system.

Me at Capital One


Volunteered some hours to the OurStreets Covid-19 initiative. The feature I worked on crowd sourced data from users to determine which shops had essential supplies in stock during the pandemic.


Designed and built a webiste for Australian Happy Hardcore DJ, and good friend, Zwackery. The website was designed using Sketch and built with React.

2020 - Present

In August of 2020 I started working for Blizzard Entertainment in Irvine, California.

As a lifelong player of Blizzard games it's a pretty surreal experience to get to work for the company that produces them!

Me at Blizzard HQ


In September of 2020 I was interviewed by GitHub about my experience building an action for GitHub Actions.

You can read the interview here.

GitHub Action Hero James Ives